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Set in a medieval fantasy world, Shoken Wars is a tale of love and intrigue told through the unique viewpoints of multiple characters.

Central to the story is a King, fiercely protected by his devoted bodyguards known as the Crystal Bearers. Each of the eight are life-bonded, connected to him and each other. They are formidable fighters and loyal beyond measure.

The Median Kings have been guarded in this way for millennia. Shielded by them all his life, the King is used to their constant presence, but when he finds love the lack of privacy becomes a burden, especially when the leader of his entourage considers his lover to be a mortal threat.

In the North the Sturgar are gathering their armies and are poised to bring war to all the peoples of the Land.

Once, beyond any living memory, the Sturgar ruled. Mag’Sood, their Master, is poised to lead them to power again. His spies watch, his army grows. Soon he will liberate his nation from their exile in the frozen wastelands and bring the shoken once again under the yoke of the Sturgar where they belong.

Few understand the threat that awaits.

 Dark fantasy with adult themes.

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