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Character spotlight: Sho Tar

Her name means ‘little fire’ and she is the First of the King’s protectors, known as the Crystal Bearers. A life-bonded soldier who is willing to risk everything and anything to keep her Lord safe.

Diminutive in stature and the only female in the guard, she is frequently considered harmless. Few anticipate her prowess as a linegold carrier and a  killer beyond compare. Fleet as a cat and tireless, Sho keeps a constant watch.

The Crystal Bearers

Sho, the King’s First

Arrant, the Longsword

Isk, the Archer


Reem, master of Horse


Jie, free fighter

Sten, the outliner

River Shoken

Orrld, also called Orr and Soorah, meaning teacher




Roulik, Chief of the Horse Lords




MagSood, Master



The Shoken Slayer


Queen Sneela

Saur, commander of the Kassnetts army

Dowager Countess, Sneela’s mother

Lorimore, the artist

Ashmi, Lorimore’s mute child.


Those of mixed race  between shoken and Sturgar

Aurous, the trader

Ead, Father of a Strick Circle


Shoken is basically another word for human, in other words, not Sturgar or Strick.

Medians and Kassnetts are the largest, often warring groups of shoken on the Land.

Shoken Wars is a dark fantasy with adult themes. Here is a brief character list and a little about the main female protagonist.

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