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Fragile Peace begins the dark fantasy epic, Shoken Wars.

In the North, Mag’Sood, Master of the Sturgar nation, plans to divide the shoken peoples. The Sturgar are superior in size and strength, yet they are outnumbered. Mag’Sood knows that only by cunning will he bring the softlings to heel. He bides his time, casting forth unwitting spies across the Land and with each calculated massacre creates the greatest ally of all: fear.


The Median King endeavours to convince a disbelieving people that war is imminent. He knows that they must unite or die. Yet the shoken races are more concerned with their own lust for power. As he struggles with his inherent shyness and the first love he has ever known, those who would rule in his stead plot against him. His life and the peace of the Land hangs in the balance.

Told through the eyes of the pure of heart, the brave, and the cruel, Rise of the Fear is the second book in the dark fantasy epic, Shoken Wars.

Spies have penetrated deep within the King’s entourage. The Sturgar are watching, waiting and learning. It is only a matter of time before they understand the King’s deepest secrets, and the ancient magic that protects him. When they do, he and his kind will be more vulnerable than they have ever been.


A plot, years in the making, is set to run its course. If it succeeds, Mag’Sood, Master of the Sturgar and self-proclaimed God, will make of the shoken a slave race.

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